An honor and privilege to practice with my father, the yogi and meditation practitioner who introduced me to their discipline and practice as a young child.

My personal endeavors have led me on an incredible journey to become a yoga teacher and share the wellness I have received from practicing this whole-being integration.

Yoga and meditation have many wonderful benefits that include, but are not limited to:

*Increased strength & flexibility

*Increased muscle tone

*Postural improvement

*Pain reduction

*Injury rehabilitation

*Increased energy and breathing efficiency

*Improvements in sleep

*Weight loss

*Improved balance

*Improvement in athletics

*Improved focus & concentration

*Improved digestion & metabolism

*Healing facilitation and faster recovery

I find it extremely important to personally consult with potential clients before beginning instruction.

Everyone is unique.

Allow me to customize your sessions.

Strengthen. Energize. Revitalize.

Session Inquiries:


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