Yoga For The Present

If you are looking for tools to optimize your personal health and well being, Come To Being Yoga is here for you.

Yoga teacher Dani M. is a 500hr certified and registered yoga teacher available to customize yoga sequencing to accommodate all levels and abilities of those wishing to practice.

With extensive hours of teaching experience, college occupational yoga certified and 20 + years of personal practice, Dani will consider specific needs of the individual student to develop progressive yoga sequences to help students gain the many benefits yoga has to offer, from a whole-being perspective.

Emphasis and specialized training and professional experience with strength training, injury recovery, condition specific awareness sequencing (sciatica, scoliosis, autoimmune, developmental disability, mental health), joint care, meditation,  Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), sport-specific athlete and team sequencing, active recovery and restorative yoga.

Single sessions and group teachings are available with location options consisting of online, private in-studio, in-home and corporate offices. All levels are encouraged and accommodated.

Contact Dani for scheduling & rates at